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Arrival in Ivanec, meeting with a local guide and driving to the nearby resort Horvatsko and Hotel Orion. Accommodation at the hotel. Short break and departure to Maruševec at OPG Martinčević for lunch. Here is a tour of the rural household, watching domestic and wild animals (donkeys, cows, horses, deer, mouflon, wild ducks, wild boars ...) and free time to play and stay in nature. Back to the hotel. Dinner, overnight.



Breakfast. Driving to Varaždin. Sightseeing of baroque town with licensed professional guidance: Varaždin Cemetery, Old Town, Stančić Square, numerous Baroque palaces and churches, Korzo, City Hall, Cathedral, Park of Vatroslav Jagić, HNK Varaždin ... Visit to the Entomological Museum in the Herzer Palace and the Insect World Exhibition. Continue driving towards the Varaždin Spaces. Upon arrival, a tour of the Native Museum with expert guidance and visit to the archaeological site is foreseen. Lunch at the restaurant and free time to swim in the Minerva thermal bath. Back to the hotel. Dinner, overnight.



Breakfast. Driving to Lepoglava. Departure to Gaveznica, geological monument of nature and avenues. Sightseeing of minerals and mineral deposits and semi-precious stones with expert guidance. Return to the center of Lepoglava to the House of Culture and participate in the workshop "We are walking" for 30 minutes. Dividing students into pairs, studying the structure of rocks and minerals under microscopes, projecting images on a computer screen, saving to a CD that remains as a memory for every research pair. Following is a tour of Lepoglava with expert guidance, a visit to the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary painted with frescoes by John Ranger and the Pauline Monastery. Continue driving towards Trakošćan. Lunch at the hotel. Shorter leisure time and sightseeing of one of the most attractive castles in Croatia, Trakošćan Castle with expert guidance. A light stroll along the lake and a shorter free time to play and continue driving to Krapina and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum. The museum was built near the site itself, between Hušnjakovo and Josipovac hills. The tour begins with a film screening on the life of Krapina Neanderthal, and continues with a visit of the museum with professional guidance. Going to the center of Krapina. City tour with expert guidance: THE HOUSE AND THE MUSEUM OF THE PEOPLE, THE OLD CITY, THE GALLERY OF KRAPINA CITY, THE PARISH CHURCH OF ST. NIKOLA, CITY JEZGRA, CONCERT CARD, CITY LIBRARY KRAPINA ... Back to Ivanec and Hotel Orion. Dinner, overnight.



Breakfast. Driving to Prigorec, small place at the foot of Ivanščica mountain. Stop at the Friščić Mill, one of the few in our area but still active. With the brief training of millers, visitors are shown the way of turning grain into flour. Here is the continuation of the ride to the nearby excursion site "Jarki", located on the slopes of Ivanščica. Stay and play in nature with animators. Involvement of students in the workshop "Ivanečki knezovi-spasimo princezu!", Where children dressed in small Ivaneci knights, nurses and horsemen through the game release the captive princess. The game includes interactive children's skills: negotiating between knights and horsemanship with intermediaries (costumed animators), "fighting" with rubber swords, attempts to release the princess by replacing gold coins, clothes, food etc. The whole game results in comic situations and happy scenes such as, Transportation of "wounded" at checkpoints. The costumed animator runs the whole game, and the kids learn how to win without mutual struggle for mutual satisfaction. After rescuing the princess, they all gather at the table and enjoy a knightly lunch in nature, and the rescued princess in a sign of gratitude honors all the participants of the juices. Free time to play. Return to hotel in afternoon hours upon request. Dinner, overnight. 


Breakfast. Leave the hotel and drive towards Kumrovec. A sightseeing of the ethno village of Kumrovec, the largest traditionally decorated area, which brings to the visitor the authentic look of the Zagorje village from the beginning of the 20th century. Shorter free time. Driving to the Zelenjak excursion site, where there is a monument to the Croatian anthem "Our Beautiful" on the road between Kumrovec and Klanjca. Possibility of organizing lunch in the restaurant, if desired group. Driving to Upper Stubica. Walk to the monument Rudolf Perešin - a well-known Croatian Aviation Pilot and Gupce Lepus which, with its old age, dimensions and characteristic appearance, represents a natural rarity. Departure to the monument of Seljački buni with statue of Matija Gupca. Continue driving to the shrine of Mother of God in Mary Bistrica, one of the most popular and most visited Marian shrines in Croatia. Sightseeing with professional guidance and shorter leisure time. Continue driving to school.


PRICE: On request, depending on the number of children and attendants


The price includes:

Accommodation in hotel Orion 3 * based on 4 half-board in 1/2 and 1/3 and 1/4 rooms

Lunch at OPG Martinčević

Lunch in the Varaždinske Toplice

Lunch in Trakošćan

Knight's lunch with juices included in unlimited quantities

Costs of pedagogical escort

Licensed tourist escort throughout the entire stay of the group

Licensed tourist guide for Varaždin and Krapina-Zagorje County

Costumed tourist animator for the workshop "Ivanečki knezovi - spasimo princezu!"

Participation in the workshop and rental of costumes for all participants of the workshop "Ivanečki knezovi - spasimo princezu!"

Unlimited use of the children's playground at the Jarki Excursion in Prigorac

They all look at the program

A ticket for the Entomological Museum in Varaždin

An entrance ticket for the Insect World Show in Varaždin

A ticket to the Native Museum and a visit to the archaeological site in Varaždin, with professional guidance

A bath ticket at the Minerva thermal spa in Varaždin

A ticket for the geological monument of Gaveznica with professional guidance

Workshop "What We're Walking" in Lepoglava

Trakoscan Castle ticket with professional guidance

A ticket to the Krapina Neanderthal Museum with expert guidance

Ticket for ethno village Kumrovec

Accident insurance

Organization and implementation arrangements and required insurance

The costs of organizing and executing the program


Price does not include: transport by bus

Lunch at the Zelenjak excursion site


The price of the arrangement depends on the number of passengers. If necessary, changes to the program may be made according to the prior agreement with the group. More information about hotel accommodation: The travel agency has the right to change the program, but commits the program to be executed in its entirety. This program applies to the General Terms and Conditions of the Tourism Agency Taubek tours.


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