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Price on request




Arrival in Ivanec, meeting with a local guide and driving to the nearby resort Horvatsko and Hotel Orion. Accommodation at the hotel. Take a short drive to Klenovnik and the "Grešna pilnica" excursion site. Sightseeing of a traditional ethno-style excursion with expert guidance and presentation of bread making and baking in a baker's oven. Lunch and socializing with unlimited drinks (juices, homemade wine and mineral water). Continue driving to Trakošćan. Visit the castle with expert guidance and walk around the surrounding park. Shorter free time to drink coffee at the waterfall in the lake and enjoy nature. Back to the hotel. Dinner, overnight.


Breakfast. Drive to Prigorec, a small hamlet below the mountain Ivanščica. Continue on foot to Ivanščica peak with expert guidance (mountain guide). Arrival to the top (1,061 meters), rest and lunch at the hut. Free time for personal programs, games in nature and enjoying a wonderful view of the whole of Croatian Zagorje. The Ivanščica peak is the highest point of Hrvatsko Zagorje and the widest mountain viewpoint on the mountain. Back on foot to Prigorac in the afternoon. From Prigorca bus ride to the hotel. Dinner, overnight.


Breakfast. Leave the hotel and drive to Lepoglava. Organized city tour with expert guidance, visit to the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary painted with frescoes by John Ranger, the Pauline Monastery and the Gallery of Lepoglava lace with a presentation of the making. Next to Gaveznica, the geological monument of nature and the arable sites. Visit the site with expert guidance and visit the collection of minerals and semi-precious stones. After staying in nature, drive to Dragec's hiža - a family farm in Lepoglava. Sightseeing of old crafts collections and presentations of old customs. Lunch and socializing with music and unlimited drinks in the indigenous Zagorje ambience until late afternoon (juices, local wine and mineral water). Return to houses in late afternoon, upon agreement.

PRICE: on request, depending on the number of passengers


The price includes:

Accommodation in hotel Orion 3 * based on 2 half-board 1/2 and 1/3 and 1/4 rooms

Lunch in rural tourism Grešna pilnica in Klenovnik

Lunch at the Ivanščica mountain hut

Lunch and the music in Dragecova hiža Lepoglava

A drink for lunch in the Grešna pilnica and OPG Dragecova hiža unlimited quantities

Licensed tourist companion for the entire duration of the group stay

Licensed tour guide for sightseeing Lepoglava

The mountain guide for hiking in Ivanščica

Trakoscan Castle ticket with professional guidance

A ticket for the geological monument of Gaveznica with professional guidance

A ticket for the lace gallery in Lepoglava

Accident insurance, bail insurance

Organization and implementation arrangements and required insurance

The costs of organizing and executing the program


Price does not include: transport by bus


The price of the arrangement depends on the number of passengers. If necessary, changes to the program may be made according to the prior agreement with the group. More information about hotel accommodation: The travel agency has the right to change the program, but commits the program to be executed in its entirety. This program applies to the General Terms and Conditions of the Tourism Agency Taubek tours.


Contact person:Tihomir Golub 091/ 508 - 8248