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Price from 180,00 €  / 1.356,21 kn

Departure at 04:00 am at the Park Hotel, at 04:15 am (the cemetery in Varazdin) and 04:45 am from Ivanec (ivanečka Špica). Driving through Slovenia and Austria, with a short stop on the way. Arrival in Mariazell around 10:00. A tour of the picturesque little town: the main square with the largest hanging Advent wreath in Europe, the Basilica of St. Mary, the chapel of St. Sources, a living nativity scene and the main street. Around 11:00 am visiting the presentation of making gingerbread products, production and decoration of candles from beeswax and making gingerbread (extra). A tour of Ivica and Marica gingerbread made home. Around 13:00 pm you can attend a presentation of making Magenliquor and tasting herbal liqueur maded of many Alpine herbs (extra). If you desire, around 11:00 am departure to the Regional Museum where they displayed various thematic areas of the pilgrimage, extinct crafts, cast iron, prehistoric cave findings, the origins of the sport of skiing and Mariazell Railways (extra). After visit, free time to visit the many events at the Advent Fair (making special Raku ceramics) and refreshments. At 16:30 pm blessing of the Advent wreath and the ignition of the first large candle on the Advent wreath, accompanied by music. Departing from Mariazell around 17:30. Driving to the nearby town Gusswerk where the traditional procession of the bogeyman is – it involves more than a hundred bogeyman with valuable wooden masks and various decorations. Around 19:00 pm, return to our homes. A short stop on the way for refreshments. Arriving at the place of departure in the late evening, until midnight.

PRICE: 190.00 kn per person

The price includes:
transport by bus
tours according to the program
expert guidance and leadership during the journey
organization and implementation arrangements and required insurance

We recommend and provide guidance and translation:
presentation and tasting Magenliker (2 €)
presentation and tasting of gingerbread products (3 €)

Price does not include:
costs of private consumption
tickets to the Heritage Museum (3 €)
tickets for Mechanical manger (2 €)
carriage rides (5 €)
Basilica (7 €)

For this journey requires a valid passport or ID card!
We recommend travel insurance!

The calculation is made based on min. 40 passengers: The Agency has the right to change the price or cancellation of travel no later than 5 days prior to travel in case of a smaller number of passengers than the minimum base for calculations or changes in other calculation elements. For this program, the General Conditions of tourist agency Taubek tours. By accepting the offer and the customer accepts the General Terms agencies. We recommend and offer a package of insurance: health insurance, baggage insurance, accident insurance during travel and cancellation insurance. Insurance is paid when signing the travel contract. If necessary, the agency during the trip has the right to change the program, but is obligated to carry out the program in its entirety. Date of making arrangements: 01.10.2015.