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Price from 115,00 €  / 866,47 kn

Departure from Cakovec at 07.00 am (in front of the hotel Park), from Varazdin to 7.15 am (from the parking lot across the cemetery), from Ivanec at 7:45 am (Ivanečka špica). Driving through Slovenia and Austria, with a short stop on the way to take a rest. Arrival in GRAZ. A city tour: Kunsthaus Graz, island-bridge (Murinsel) on the Mura River with an amphitheater, a playground and a café, going to the Schlossberg (on foot or by funicular or lift as desired -extra), walk to the Clock Tower. Lowering the Schlossberg. Walk throught the streets Sporgasse, Hofgasse to the seminary, the cathedral and the mausoleum. Departure to the Square Glockenspiel where every day at 11:00, 15:00 and 18:00h are ringing bells and dancers. Continue walking to the main square, where are the Town Hall and a huge Advent Fair. Going to the Painted House at end of the tour (at the Landhaus), where parliament sits Styria and tour manger of ice in the courtyard of the Landhaus. After the tour, free time for individual program, shopping and enjoying the many booths at fairs and Advent atmosphere. We propose a tour of the Christmas Fair in the Main Square. At 17 - 18:00 pm departure to Croatia, with a short break along the way as needed. Arrival is expected in the evening.

PRICE:  115.00 kn pro person

The price includes:
modern tourist bus
licensed professional travel guides
all tours according to the program
visiting the Christmas fairs in Graz
liability insurance organiser
costs for the organisation and execution of the program

Not included:
personal costs orders
visit optional amenities

Payment: cash, credit cards

For this trip requires a valid passport or ID card!

The calculation is made based on min. 40 passengers: The Agency has the right to change the price or cancellation of travel no later than 5 days prior to travel in case of a smaller number of passengers than the minimum base for calculating calculations or changes in other calculation elements. For this program, the General Conditions of tourist agency Taubek tours. By accepting the offer and the customer accepts the General Terms agencies. We recommend and offer a package of insurance: health insurance, baggage insurance, accident insurance during travel and cancellation insurance. Insurance is paid when signing the travel contract. If necessary, the agency during the trip has the right to change the program, but is obligated to carry out the program in its entirety. Date of making arrangements: 01.10.2015